Determining and implementing a dual immersion (DI) program is a complex undertaking that involves many systems at the district and site level. We recommend that you develop an action plan based on the decisions of the DI Leadership Team regarding the program and implementation models chosen.

  • It is important to identify the most immediate and subsequent decisions and the tasks associated with each that will be needed to fully implement the DI program.

There are many pedagogical decisions that need to be made early on, including determining the dual immersion program and implementation models, instructional minutes for each language by grade level, and instructional materials available and that need to be purchased in the target language.

Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education: Strand 2, Curriculum, Principle 3; Strand 3, Instruction, Principle 1; Strand 5, Program Structure, Principle 3; Strand 6, Family and Community, Principle 3; Strand 7, Support and Resources, Principles 1, 2


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